Sunday, September 30, 2007

My First Blog - First impressions

My Dearest Friends,
A Sweet, nice friend of mine encouraged me that i start blogging for it was felt that i had a flair for writing and writing looooooong.. :)
And first of all, i dedicate this entire website and all the posts here to that friend..
Thank you for taking your precious time, effort and more importantly encouraging words to recognise a talent that may or may not exist in me in reality.. :)
So, what do i write in my first post ?
Well, its tough to write something and that too at first.. Also, considering first impression is the best impression, what do i need to write at first to attract a large audience ? :P
Tough tough choice..
Well then.. i have thought hard enough and long enough to the point of giving up blogging.. So, let me write something on making the first impression itself..
Most of us, me including, spend our lives in creating that "good image" about ourselves on others. By image i mean an opinion of others about us and not necessarily a false impression.
But then very few realise that of all the 100 years that the other person gets to live in this good, sweet world.. he/she spends not more than an hour thinking about us unless and until his/her life is influenced by us... unless and until his/her life is totally determined in some way or the other by us.. or unless/until he/she is in true love with us..
And yet we feel and behave in a way that the whole world is thinking of us always.. We work in a way so as to impress the whole world.. For instance what is the need for me to blog now to impress you all ? As if i would immediately implement every suggestion my friend gives, i have taken to blogging.. I forget that my loving mom, dad and sis would be better people to spend my time with.. for i need not impress them and they know the true me and they are the ones i would spending three quarters of my life.. and yet i am focussed on impressing the invisible you all.. :)
And it is in that sense i believe that are three persons living in every individual..
1) A person that he/she thinks he/she is
2) A person that others think he/she is
3) A person he/she really is
All life, i believe, we are working on making others to think of us in exactly the same way we think of ourselves.. We want them to be impressed, appreciate us for what we think we are..
As a student we try to impress our teachers.. As a young friend we try impress our fellow friends.. As a worker we try to impress our project manager..
But all along we forget the most important component in the picture.. "the person we really are.. " and time and again during that nagging time between the point we close our eyes with the head on the pillow and start dreaming.. our heart talks of that component..
It forgets our toiling hard throughout the day in trying to impress others by being good throughout the day and questions why are we not following it and do what the heart wants.. It cooks us with so many questions till we say SHUT UP and wait for sleep.. !! And even those lucky few who have managed to escape the scorching of the conscience in bed by adopting an "attitude" that they are what they are and for the rest they care a damn.. well i would say, your mind would play that role in the morning when you are trying to get up.. Else, why is that we do not immediately get up from bed and enjoy our life out in the world which is faultless rather than lying asleep on bed not willing to face the world which we feel is boring, difficult and something your life will not make a difference ? Its only the fact that the bed with our eyes closed is much better than the life around us with our eyes open :)
So, is there no way out of this ? Are we doing the wrong things by not following the heart and just spending our life trying to impress everyone we meet and make them feel good about us. Are we cheating ourselves by being a person the world wants us to be and not the person what we want to be ? Are we loosing our life by living too much for the name that would be given to us when we no longer will be a part of the world ? Honestly, EVEN I DO NOT KNOW THE ANSWER !! :(
And if you do know, i am awaiting for your comments like a traveller would await oasis in a desert :)
Please help me out..
And Keep Smiling..