Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pseudo Secularism - My Best Friend's take

Friends, who know me well, know that I do not have a political ideology nor a religious fervor. Yet, on a lovely Sunday morning, when I read the below e-mail from one of my best friends, I could not hold back. Avinash’s take on pseudo-secularism is an unbiased, logical, thought-provoking, honest and crisp write-up on the real state of our country. While asking some seething questions, it raises a bigger issue that everyone of us have turned our backs onto !

Avi, I will save the below writing as a special work all life :)
Never read and I guess I will never read anything better on that topic.. I am taking the liberty to share it with my friends on my blog :) It deserves to be read by everyone who is interested.. !


Dear Sai,

Finally, I relented to the strong desire to write on it. Finally, I did take out the time to write. And finally, i feel the necessity to breach the border of what our people call a sensitive topic -"Pseudo-secularism".

10 years ago, I was apolitical. For that matter I was too young to have political inclination towards any Party. Starting 2004, I started understanding the manifestos, ideologies of different political parties.

Back in school, We were taught the meaning of "Secularism" and I thought I knew the meaning of it, But I was wrong,

Political parties re-defined Secularism. I was in a dilemma as to which Political party is secular?

2 big national parties Congress and BJP were at the Fore-front with Congress men accusing BJP of being a Communal force. BJP always said it believed in Hindutva idea logy but never denied that it was Non-secular. Congress on the other was always seen as pro-minority party. India has many religions, but 2 of them were always at war with each other.

One of them was a Majority in this country and other was a Minority.

Last few years as I saw political parties from close quarters, I felt sad at the way Hindus were treated in India. Anyone who supported Hinduism were treated as Communal forces. Everyone knew that Godhra incident was a planned conspiracy by Muslims, the Banerjee Panel appointed by a Pseudo secularist Laloo Prasad yadav submitted a report on the eve of Bihar elections that Godhra incident was an accident which resulted out of cooking being carried within the carriage, and ruled out the possibility of fire having resulted out of any external attack.

Why have the so called (Pseudo) secularists stoop to such level for Minority votes?

Narendra Modi who was the chief minister during Godhra riots(in which both Hindus and Muslims died) will be questioned by pseudo secular media even after 7 years.

The same media does not question Farookh Abdulla or his Son who allegedly carried out the carnage on thousands of Kashmiri Pandits for years. Why is this discrimination? If Mr. Narendra Modi has done a mistake, then Mr.Farookh Abdulla has also done a mistake, a bigger mistake.

Congress has its allies in MIM(which is a hardcore Muslim party), MIM leaders give hate speeches in Hyderabad Mosques about Babri Masjid incident. Babri Masjid is not in Andhrapradesh, but still every Dec 6th, hyderabad is surrounded by Police to stop miscreants.

If BJP is a communal party, then definitely Congress is also a communal party for being pro-minority. Congress is wearing a mask of secularism, No other Political party has insulted and cheated the Hindus as Congress did.

A leading lady editor from NDTV conducted a debate on Terrorism, one of the speakers said "Countries should come together to stop Islamic Terrorism". She was quick to say "Please do not prefix Islam before terrorism, Terrorists do not have any religion". I was impressed with her.

The same lady when conducted a debate on Malegoan blasts asks the speaker "Isn't Saffron Terrorism on the rise in India". I was shocked, All my respect for her was gone. She was involved in the Radia tapes controversy recently.

Today I am surrounded with Pseudo secular Media, Pseudo secular Congress and it allies. My religion is in Danger, I have never felt the need of a savior for my religion as I did today. As I write this, Congress spokesperson says "We are the biggest secular party in this country". I felt all the ghosts of Godhra train accident were laughing at his statement.

Avinash Gajula