Monday, June 9, 2008

Fate - Part I

“Poor boy, you seem to be so nice and good. Why had fate to be so cruel on you?”
“My Fate never gives what I want and it will never too”
“Whatever I ask for, Fate seems to be giving the exact opposite of it”
“Whatever is written in Fate will happen, you cannot change it” !

What does one feel when one listens to such words ? How does one feel when one talks such words ? Is Fate really that bad ? Does fate exist ? Can, what is once written as Fate/destiny by God, not be changed by anyone ?

To be honest, for reasons unknown, I was not a great believer in fate. As a child and a teenager, I never believed that God had written off for every person his/her fate at the time of his/her birth. I thought, if God had already seen the past of the person, and has also written the future of the same then there exists no purpose for him in the present !

But then as I kept growing thinking thus, experience has had a strange way of teaching me things. Like ever they give us the exams first and then teach us the lesson. :-)

So, when an old lady saw me at the Visa Interview and heard of my desire to fly high with my dreams inspite of my disability, she ended up remarking “Poor boy, you seems to be so nice and good. Why had fate to be so cruel on you ?” :-)

When my own mother was drenched in sorrow seeing the troubles ahead in store, my dad ended up comforting her saying ““Whatever is written in Fate will happen, you cannot change it”. :-)

When one of my best friends could not end up with a job what he wanted the most inspite of numerous trials, he said “Fate never gave me what I want and it never will”. :-)

I was left wondering ! I had no option but to change my opinion on Fate. Experience had taught me. I could no longer deny its existence ! And how could I too ?

When I see a 20 year old girl, who desires to study higher and see greater places, forcibly married away to a well to do boy just because its time for them to get married, how can I deny Fate’s role ?

When I see a boy who slogged day and night for the exams gathering a real good knowledge of the subject, ending up with a mere 60 % and his friend who merely copied from his paper verbatim but with a beautiful handwriting ending up with 80 %, how can I deny Fate’s role ?

Fortunately / unfortunately, when the logic of almost a billion people in our country that two people must be from same financial status, same religion, same caste & same colour in order that their marriage with each other be successful, seems to be working, how can I deny fate’s role ?

So, I have to agree that fate does exist. God does write our destinies. It seemed hard to accept, but then things certainly seem to be right that way ! And it feels good too that everything is pre decided. Feels enlightened to know that the world is a stage and I am just an actor speaking out dialogues :)

But then again, strangely a realization struck me.

Fate - Part II

I agree. The world's a stage, God our scriptwriter, i am an actor and the script my fate.

Yes, I am an actor. I am speaking out dialogues God had written for me. I am acting on a stage given by him/her. But then, if I am just an actor and this is all a drama, then why is that I am feeling those emotions so really ? If all I am doing is acting, then why is that those joys are so full of happiness to me and sorrows so painful ? Why is that I feel that the love of someone is worth dying for and hatred of someone worth killing them ? Am I not just acting ? Afterall, I know that whatever will happen.. will happen. No one can change what is written !

Why is that I am not feeling good this time around too ? Certainly something seems to be wrong even in accepting that fate determines everything :(

It is then I thought of this. “What if fate does exist, but then it exists to be changed ?” I suppose Fate gives us situations to face, but then it is we who decide how to face it ! Fate decides to give us difficulties, but it is we who can decide to make a fighting game out of it making glory for ourselves and a path for our generations to follow.

Friends, i guess, left to fate, things will only take a course for the worse. But then, if we ourselves took responsibilities for the tasks that fate gave us, would not we change our today and tomorrow for the better ? After all, we live but once. Why not live it on our conditions rather than living it at the mercy of fate ?

If fate were to exist and were to be written by God, will not God help those who help themselves ?

Friends, i guess when it comes to the end its not the nightmares we overcame successfully but then it is the dreams that we forgot to live that will haunt us. We can say that our fate is responsible for what we are but our fate in itself is dependent on our actions to change it. It is a mutual relationship for us with fate and by misunderstanding and misinterpreting it, we are letting it become a parasitic one !

So, when the old lady said to me “It is cruel of fate to have treated you so badly nice boy”, I said “It is only your love for me that makes you think that my fate was cruel. Actually my life could not have been better” :)

When my Dad comforted my Mom saying “Whatever is written in Fate will happen, we cannot change it”, I said “The troubles ahead given by our fate are looking troubles because we feel we cannot change them. The moment we believe we can change and face those troubles, we have rewritten fate which in turn will rewrite our troubles.” :)

And when my friend said “ My fate never gives what I want and it will never too”, I decided I will write this blog. :)

For those billions of my brothers and sisters who think that they are the way they are, because God has made them so, my only request for them is not to insult God with such an accusation. God could not have been so cruel and inflexible when dealing with the future of 6 billion people.

Fate gives us difficulties but waits for us to take them up as challenges. Adjust to the difficulties coming out of the choice you made, face them, live them. Face the devil. Fight till the end. Finish the game. Write your destiny. Become a legend :)

Like the great DJ of RDB once said “Zindagi jeeney kay dho tarikay hothey hain. Ek joh ho raha hain usko dekhthey jao. Chup chaap sehthay jao. Nahin tho, Jimmedhari utao usey badhalney ki. Apney kal ko behathar bananey ki”