Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Autobiography of Disability - Part 1

Dear all,

I am disability. Now, before you close the internet browser window, please understand, I am not a ‘disabled person’ – but I am disability myself. I am different from the person possessing me. I have my own identity. Most often, people confuse me with that person. But then, I consider that as an insult to my individuality. It is as if a woman wearing a make-up, owns all the beauty she has, because of the make-up ! How unfairly does the world give credits ! Anyways, enough is enough. I need my value to be recognized. So today, i thought, i will speak out to the world. I thought i will give my side of the story to the people. I thought i will clarify a few things. And hence, this is my autobiography.

Honestly friends, i must first tell you all, the person possessing me – has no influence on me. He has no reason to live with me. You want to know why ? Well, for that, you need to understand my birth. So, let us go there first. I came to the world to live with some people. It is not because such people are 'special'. It is not because they are 'differently-abled'. It is certainly not because God wanted me to spend some time with those people, because of their past actions. It is not even because of nature’s biological defection on the person. Honestly, it is because of sheer bad luck. Yes, bad luck. Do you know him ? He’s my elder brother. Like how he meets you all, every now and then, taking your life into unknown zones - he made me meet with the person i got. More on my brother later though.

Coming back to my birth, my presence makes people wonder about the person I am with. Even with no understanding of me, people seem to think I am an eternal curse to that person. How mean of you all to judge me ! And worse, some are immediately sympathetic. Many are even scared. But most hurt I am, when the parents of the person I am born to, are ill-treated attitudinally. I wonder what was their fault, for my existence ! Just because I have come to exist with a person, does it mean that his/her parents have to be attitudinally ostracized ? Sometimes, I wish my elder brother curses such people for behaving so !

Anyways, back again to my birth. As you see, my birth in itself creates the first big problem. And the problem is that people seem to judge me. Worse, they seem to judge me, even without knowing me. They do not even want to give an opportunity to know me.

And then, without knowing me, without any understanding of my nature, without any attempt to understand my nature – people want to confine me and the person I am with – into a room. They seem to think I will be happier in a room. Do you think I was born for that reason ? I have heard that in that country called America, children are confined to a room as punishment. So, are you punishing me ? Shame on you ! What right do you have to confine me to four walls ? You did not even give me a fair trial ! It angers me. But then, what can I do with that anger ? I cannot even express. Anyways, let me tell something to you all. I am here in the world, for a purpose. And until that purpose is met, I cannot go away. I will not go away. No matter what you do. No matter how much you ignore me.

So, do you all want to know what that purpose is ? Then you have to come with me, into my life’s journey. You have to come with me into my past, my present and my future.

- To be continued -


Sarat Yarlagadda said...

Waiting for part 2!

Praneeth :) :) said...

great one... very gud narration... eagerly waiting for second part... :)

Praneeth :) :) said...

great one... very gud narration... eagerly waiting for second part... :)

Unknown said...

Nyc narration of ur story sir...curious about nxt part...